Project Sarangi understands and values the conservation of traditional Nepali music and instruments. With the realization that traditional Sarangi is a dying art form and the motivation to uphold and rejuvenate such dying art-form was the reason Project Sarangi was initiated. Project Sarangi aims to promote Nepali folk music and traditional instruments into the modern Nepali and Global music scene.

Project Sarangi works closely with the standardization of instruments as well as transforming Sarangi into modern instrument that is ideal for the modern generation. Furthermore, we also aim to create a platform for the younger and upcoming Sarangi players and motivate them to continue playing Sarangi.

Due to globalization and commercialization of music and entertainment, the essence of traditional music is facing extinction. Project Sarangi wants to utilize this global platform and create collaboration with different genres of music around the world.

Project Sarangi is an innovative initiation by Kiran Nepali, who needs no introduction in the Nepali music scene. He is known to be the perfect example of a fusion between traditional and modern Nepali music. He is a renowned Sarangi player and a member of a folk Nepali band, Kutumba. Born into a musical family with a lineage of Sarangi players, Kiran is the third generation Sarangi player. Kiran Nepali persued his interest in Sarangi and his ambition to conserve the dying art of Sarangi playing, thus establishing a  formal institution called Project Sarangi.


  • Nepalese indigenous Folk Instruments Formal Training
  • Folk Instrument Sarangi Making Training
  • Nepalese Folk Instruments Teaching Training
  • Nepalese Indigenous Folk Instruments Groups and bands for various events
  • Sarangi Store


  • Jamarko- Jamarko is an initiative by Project Sarangi Center to promote and preserve Nepali folk instruments as well as to create a platform to showcase the versatility of these instruments to the people.

Project Sarangi Center organised its annual signature event Jamarko- Euta Sano Prayas on November 4, 2017 at Patan Museum in Lalitpur.

More than 1200 people of different age groups participated in the event that ran from 2pm till 7pm. The event was attended by educationists, social sectors, music researchers, foreign nationals, I/NGOSs, corporate sector, ethnomusicologists, government officials and general public.

 Providing platform for different ethnic folk instruments like Dhime, Dha, Tunga, Dhamphu, Sarangi, Bhusha, Taa, Khin, Madal, Maajhawaal, Bansuri Dhamaha were played by communal groups. It was truly enjoyed by the audience.

  • Additional highlights were the introduction of First Ladies Sarangi Players from Project Sarangi, who played the famous folk song ‘Banjo Khet Ma’. It was the proud moment of event Jamarko. Followed by Project Sarangi ensemble –Sarangi orchestration, Upcoming Folk Fusion band- Panchamrit and Mi Ku – contemporary folk ensemble of Nepal. The event showcased Folk Instrument exhibition from Lok Baja Sangralaya with an aim to educate people about the instruments that are in verse of extinction.
  • Speaking at the event Founder/Director of Project Sarangi, Mr Kiran Nepali, emphasised on the need of inspiring and motivating youth to revive Folk instruments that are about to die. He said, “It is our own responsibility as a Nepalese to preserve and promote Nepalese cultural instruments to the next generation or else no one will do”.
  • Sarangi Bhela
    • This event will be an infotainment event that will showcase talented music professional as well as introduce talented and raw new comers. This will be a platform for everyone to enjoy Nepali folk music while also supporting the up and coming artists and also learning more about traditional music.

Along with music performances we will also be having interaction with the craftsmen’s or artisans who have been personally involved in the craft of music making in the literal sense. 

  • Sarangi Month
    • Project Sarangi wants to initiate an event “Sarangi Month” and consider the month of March to be an exclusive month to promote Sarangi and folk Nepali music and musicians. We envisions this event as a month long event where we will be promoting and celebrating Nepali folk music along with the new and old generation musicians while also retaining the interest of future musicians and music enthusiasts. The main aim of this event is to familiarize the Nepali and International crowd specifically the music lovers about the sound of our traditions and culture in the form of our almost dying folklores and folk sounds.We intend to hold several sub events during the month of March with music performances, workshops and interaction programs. We want our events to be interactive while also creating platform to understand, learn and perform for aspiring musicians as well as anyone who is interested. Our events will be an infotainment event where we aim to provide not just information about the art and the artisans but also good music
  • School Workshops
    Our school workshop will be conducted with the aim to teach and familiarize school going kids about the background and current status of Nepali folk and modern music scene. We intend to hold a 45 minutes workshop, with participatory and interactive sessions for the students to learn more about Nepali traditions and Nepali music. The 45 minutes session we will be able to provide ample information about the background of Nepali folk music, the use of Sarangi and the current status of Sarangi players and folk musicians. We will also be showcasing the methodology and the intense process of craftsmanship behind the making of the Sarangi. The session will also include real life experience of musicians and music artists in the context of Nepal and the scope of music for our younger generation music enthusiasts.
  • College Workshop
    Social Projects
    Free ladies Sarangi Basic Course

The musical practice in Nepal has a very less involvement from women. Even in present there are very few woman sarangi players existing in Nepal. In order to motivate and inspire women participation in Sarangi we offered a Free 3 months basic Sarangi course to interested women. There was a immense response from the young women and the course was offered to 10 women.

As the result they got opportunities to perform in various events in Kathmandu and are still continuing playing Sarangi.

  • Various events in Social Center and orphanages

We do understand the healing power music and also the opportunities that young people can grab from music. We conduct workshops in various orphanages and Social Center to make them understand the importance of Folk Instruments and also inspire them to learn Sarangi and other folk instruments.