Kiran Nepali
Kiran Nepali needs no introduction in the Nepali
music scene. He is known to be the perfect example of a fusion between traditional and modern Nepali
music. He is a renowned Sarangi player and a member of a folk Nepali band, Kutumba. Born into a
musical family with a lineage of Sarangi players he says to have had a lot of influence passed down from
generations. A third-generation Sarangi player, Kiran Nepali catered his interest in Sarangi and his aim
to conserve the dying art of Sarangi playing and making into a formal institution called Project Sarangi.

Rubin Barma
Rubin Barma started playing music from early age. From 2009 he started taking clases of western music/guitar at Nepal Sangeet Vidhyala(NMC) where he was awarded schorship and had an oppoutunity to get acquainted with sarangi. From 2013 he has been actively learning and playing Sarangi. He joined Project Sarangi team from 2017 and has been an active Sarangi tutor. He has conducted and performed many Sarangi orchestra along with the students of Project Sarangi. He has been working in his instrumental projects with many artists. He has released many instrumental music, mainly targeting folk music. Currently he is pursuing a degree in Enthnomusicology.

Rohit Maharjan
Rohit Maharjan is a musician born on 1999 Nov 26 and brought up in Khokhana Lalitpur. he started learning and using the guitar on 2013 Dec 25. After three years of using the guitar, he started learning sarangi and practicing every day. He has developed his passion for music. on 2018 Oct 5 group of young boys decided to form a band name String ensemble Nepal. In the same year of Oct 16, the band collab with string at Bouddha rock fed. in 2018 6 Nov the band performs on Kathmandu jazz sarangi festival presenting project sarangi. He also started teaching sarangi at (DSA)in 2019. Achievements ICMC inter-college music competition in 2018,Feb 24. Performed with Swoopna Suman at HighLander Ghar Ma session for Kripa Unplugged.