School Workshops
Our school workshop will be conducted with the aim to teach and familiarize school going kids about the background and current status of Nepali folk and modern music scene. We intend to hold a 45 minutes workshop, with participatory and interactive sessions for the students to learn more about Nepali traditions and Nepali music. The 45 minutes session we will be able to provide ample information about the background of Nepali folk music, the use of Sarangi and the current status of Sarangi players and folk musicians. We will also be showcasing the methodology and the intense process of craftsmanship behind the making of the Sarangi. The session will also include real life experience of musicians and music artists in the context of Nepal and the scope of music for our younger generation music enthusiasts.

College Workshop

Social Projects

Free ladies Sarangi Basic Course

The musical practice in Nepal has a very less involvement from women. Even in present there are very few woman sarangi players existing in Nepal. In order to motivate and inspire women participation in Sarangi we offered a Free 3 months basic Sarangi course to interested women. There was a immense response from the young women and the course was offered to 10 women.

As the result they got opportunities to perform in various events in Kathmandu and are still continuing playing Sarangi.

Various events in Social Center and orphanages

We do understand the healing power music and also the opportunities that young people can grab from music. We conduct workshops in various orphanages and Social Center to make them understand the importance of Folk Instruments and also inspire them to learn Sarangi and other folk instruments.

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