Project Sarangi is a Non-Profit organization that understands and values the conservation of traditional Nepali music and instruments. With the realization that traditional Sarangi is a dying art form and the motivation to uphold and rejuvenate such dying art-form was the reason Project Sarangi was initiated. Project Sarangi aims to encourage and mainstream Nepali folk music and traditional instruments into the modern Nepali and Global music scene.

Project Sarangi works closely with the standardization of instruments as well as trying different methods to incorporate traditional musical instruments into modern music. As well as transforming Sarangi into modern instrument that is ideal for the modern generation. Also creating a platform for the younger and new Sarangi players for them to motivate towards Sarangi playing.

Due to Globalization and Commercialization of music and entertainment the essence of traditional music is facing extinction. Project Sarangi wants to utilize this global platform and create collaboration with different genres of music around the world.

Project Sarangi is an innovative initiation by Kiran Nepali, who needs no introduction in the Nepali music scene. He is known to be the perfect example of a fusion between traditional and modern Nepali music. He is a renowned Sarangi player and a member of a folk Nepali band, Kutumba. Born into a musical family with a lineage of Sarangi players he says to have had a lot of influence passed down from generations. A third generation Sarangi player, Kiran Nepali catered his interest in Sarangi and his aim to conserve the dying art of Sarangi playing and making into a formal institution called Project Sarangi.

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